Breathable cool and refreshing

Regenerated cellulose fiber fabric, with good air permeability, known as "breathing fabric", summer wearing will not feel stuffy, air permeability is better than pure cotton fabric, is the ideal close-fitting fabric and health clothing products, is conducive to human physiological cycle and health.

The basic chemical composition of regenerated cellulose fiber is the same as that of cotton fiber. Therefore, some of its properties are close to that of cotton fiber, but its hygroscopicity and permeability are better than that of cotton fiber. It can be said that it is one of the best hygroscopicity and permeability of all chemical fibers. The moisture absorption of regenerated cellulose fiber is up to 13% ~ 15%, 6% ~ 7% higher than cotton fiber, and it has good air permeability and moisture control function. More comfortable to wear. Among the 12 main textile fibers, the moisture content meets the physiological requirements of human skin and is superior to other fibers.

moisture absorption and sweat releasing

Close skin comfortable

Regenerated cellulose fiber fabrics feel smooth, cool, not easy to static. It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk and the smoothness of hemp. Comfortable and close-fitting, breathable and moisture absorption, good elasticity; 100% natural material, natural biodegradation, no additives, no heavy metals, no harmful chemicals, no irritation to skin

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