The remarkable rise in the safety consciousness in the developed and developing nations made airbags are compulsory for the safety of the  occupant. The key driver for this development is maximizing protection of vehicle occupants and hence reducing the potential risk of injury.  Airbags continue to save people, and with the invention of side airbags and other types of standard airbags, modern cars have become much safer. To put it in perspective, lives Saved by these airbags are easily above 60,000 ( 5 lives per day )

The main objective of an air bag is to lower the number of injuries by reducing the force exerted by the steering wheel and the dashboard or any point on the body. 

This is accomplished in two possible ways:

• By progressively increasing the interval over the superior force being properly applied

• By spreading the fore over a massive area of the body

The airbag system has been carefully engineered to work with the pressure between the passenger and steering wheel, in a fraction of a second. The airbag unit must remain intact at low velocity collisions. The crash sensor, which instantly detects the Collisions and trigger the bag, to inflate must seize all those constraints into account. The operation of deflation happens when N2 generation stops, gas molecules escape the bag through active vents. The pressure inside the bag decreases and the bag deflates slightly to create a soft cushion. By 2 seconds after the initial impact, the pressure inside the bag has reached atmospheric pressure 

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